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Requests for information or pictures

The Rhino Resource Center receives many requests for rhino information, rhino facts, as well as for rhino pictures and related items. We do not charge for our assistance, especially since an enormous amount of material and data is available for free on the website to any user. Please bear in mind that requests for information or pictures take time to process. 

we will still do our best to point enquirers in the right direction or supply facts. In return we would like two copies of any ensuing publication within a month of publication, as well as a reasonable donation to the account of the RRC. This will help us to continue updating our work and continue our services to students, researchers and managers interested in the study of the rhinoceros in any aspect.

Dr Kees Rookmaaker

Our address and location

The Rhino Resource Center is based near Cambridge, United Kingdom

Please contact Dr Kees Rookmaaker with all your queries and suggestions.

Rhino Resource Center
Dr Kees Rookmaaker

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