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The RRC database contains a total of 36206 Notes which are linked to 22313 References. Furthermore, 22019 PDF's containing copies of pages from books and journals are available.

Newest PDFs:

Koufos, G.D., 2006
Strani, F. et al., 2015
Handa, N. et al., 2016
Handa, N. et al., 2017
Orzi, A., 2000
Shpansky, A.V., 2017
Finlayson, C. et al., 2012
Billia, E.M.E. et al., 2016
Groves, C.P., 1967
Heptner, W.G., 1960
Rookmaaker, L.C. et al., 2017
Rookmaaker, L.C., 2016
Walker, C.H., 1989
Loutit, R. et al., 1989
Hitchins, P.M., 1989
Fichat, S., 1989
Geldenhuys, L.J., 1989
Emslie, R.H. et al., 1989
Emslie, R.H. et al., 1989
Couper, B., 1989
Du Toit, R., 1989
Bose, B.K. Kant, 1825
Wright, J., 1989
Tatham, G.H. et al., 1989

Rhino Literature & Articles

The RRC website provides access to an extensive database of indexed and tagged references, abstracts and full texts covering every possible aspect of the knowledge of the rhinoceros. The database only contains material available in the library of the RRC. All references are verified and bibliographically correct.

This bibliography excludes (with some exceptions) the following:

  • Literature on fossil rhinoceros species
  • Items in newspapers
  • Multiple editions and reprints
    (we endeavour to list the earliest edition of each work)
Try it out and do not hesitate to contact us with your suggestions and comments. We need the inputs of the users to improve the usability of the interfaces.

We would like to thank H. Carpentier for supplying us with references from the Carino database.

Newest References:
Koufos, G.D., 2006. The large mammals from the Miocene/Pliocene locality of Silata, Macedonia, Greece with implications about the Latest Miocene palaeoecology. Beiträge zur Paläontologie, Wien; 30: 293–313
Strani, F. et al., 2015. Paleoenvironments and climatic changes in the Italian Peninsula during the Early Pleistocene: evidence from dental wear patterns of the ungulate community of Coste San Giacomo. Quaternary Science Reviews 121: 28-35
Handa, N. et al., 2016. Reassessment of the Middle Pleistocene Japanese Rhinoceroses (Mammalia, Rhinocerotidae) and paleobiogeographic implications. Paleontological Research, The Palaeontological Society of Japan; 20 (3): 247-260, 4 figs, 3 tabs [doi:]
Handa, N. et al., 2017. A Pleistocene rhinocerotid (Mammalia, Perissodactyla) from the Bisan-Seto area, western Japan. Journal of the Geological Society of Japan 123 (6): 433-441, 4 figs, 2 tabs [doi:10.5575/geoscoc.2017.0004]
Orzi, A., 2000. Un altro dono dello Stirone – Una vertebra di rinoceronte pleistocenico [Another gift from the Stirone stream - A Pleistocene rhinoceros vertebra]. Unknown journal: 31-32, 1 photo
Shpansky, A.V., 2017. Voprosy paleozoogeografii nosoroga Merka (Stephanorhinus kirchbergensis Jäger, 1839) (Rhinocerotidae, Mammalia) [Questions of palaeozoogeografy of Stephanorhinus kirchbergensis (Jäger, 1839) (Rhinocerotidae, Mammalia)]. Geosfernye Issledovanya [Geosphere Research], Tomsk State Univ., Tomsk; 3: 73-89, 2 figs, 1 tab [doi:10.17223/25421379/4/9]
Finlayson, C. et al., 2012. Ecological transitions — But for whom? A perspective from the Pleistocene. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 329–330: 1–9, 5 figs, 4 tabs
Billia, E.M.E. et al., 2016. Some other occurrences of Stephanorhinus kirchbergensis (Jäger, 1839) (Mammalia, Rhinocerotidae) from Eurasia – Addenda to other previous works. Gortania–Geologia, Paleontologia, Paletnologia (Atti del Museo Friulano di Storia Naturale di Udine), Udine 38: 77-83, 8 figs
Rookmaaker, L.C. et al., 2017. The Greater One-Horned Rhino: past, present and future. Gland, Switzerland, WWF, pp. 1-36
Rookmaaker, L.C., 2016. The correct name of the south-central black rhinoceros is Diceros bicornis keitloa (A.Smith, 1836). African Zoology 51 (2): 117-119
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