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Find information on all species of rhino. In Africa, the Black Rhinoceros,
the White Rhinoceros and the Nile Rhinoceros. In Asia, the Indian Rhinoceros, the Javan Rhinoceros and the Sumatran Rhinoceros. All threatened with extinction. Also all publications on many fossil rhinos across the world. View the Galleria of Emilio Gargioni - rhinos in modern art.

The Latest Rhino Images 
Rabbit and rhinoceros
Rhinoceros in Pegu
Rhino with lion and tiger
Buffon in colour
Bruce's cucullatus
Lesson 1836 javanicus
London Zoo 1869
Condy's rhino ride

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Search for all literature from the oldest to the most recent. Read full texts on the biology, history, captivity, husbandry, management and conservation of fossil and the six existing species of rhinoceros. Read both regular and grey literature.

You can find current publications and reports
- IUCN-SSC African Rhino Specialist Group
- IUCN-SSC Asian Rhino Specialist Group
- SADC Regional Programme for Rhino Conservation
- Husbandry manuals for the rhinoceros
- International Rhino Keeper Association.
- Dissertations and theses
- Rhino Vision 2020

Access is provided free of charge to all hoping to streamline research and contribute to animal conservation

H. Carpentier provided references from the Carino database.
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Latest References 
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Rookmaaker, L.C., 2014. Three rhinos on maps of India drawn in Faizabad in the 18th century. Pachyderm 55: 95-96
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