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Find information on all species of rhino. In Africa, the Black Rhinoceros,
the White Rhinoceros and the Nile Rhinoceros. In Asia, the Indian Rhinoceros, the Javan Rhinoceros and the Sumatran Rhinoceros. All threatened with extinction. Also all publications on many fossil rhinos across the world. View the Galleria of Emilio Gargioni - rhinos in modern art.

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The Ceratotherium simum sculptur...
The Ceratotherium simum sculptur...
The Indian rhinoceros in the Chi...
The Indian rhinoceros in the Chi...
The "Big Five" in the ...
The Indian rhino on the Chiangma...
Stone rhino in a Buddhist temple...
White rhino in a shop in Chombur...

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Search for all literature from the oldest to the most recent. Read full texts on the biology, history, captivity, husbandry, management and conservation of fossil and the six existing species of rhinoceros. Read both regular and grey literature.

You can find current publications and reports
- IUCN-SSC African Rhino Specialist Group
- IUCN-SSC Asian Rhino Specialist Group
- SADC Regional Programme for Rhino Conservation
- Husbandry manuals for the rhinoceros
- International Rhino Keeper Association.
- Dissertations and theses
- Rhino Vision 2020

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H. Carpentier provided references from the Carino database.
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Latest References 
Liesowska, A., 2015. Sasha, the world's only baby woolly rhino is 34,000 years old, say scientists. The Siberian Times 8 September 2015: 1-11, 12 figures
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Latest Forum Contributions 
Aging rhino calves by LHofstra
This is exactly what I have been looking for thank you so much! These drawings are perfect, the only photos I could find were terrible quality photos in 2 research papers! You have made my day!
Interaction between Black and Wh... by Keryn
I have seen the two species of rhino meeting like this a few times before in Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Reserve. There was not any aggression and the met calmly head to head, smelled each other and moved off calmly. They actually would...
Now 20,000 by abithesalmon
Congratulations Dr Rookmaaker. I love the new look website. I would like to inform you that the 'administrator' contact link is broken on your links page. I would like to get a rhino organisation linked to that page. Please...
Help locating Dakari by Kees
Thanks. According to the 2011 studbook of white rhinos in captivity, Dakari (no.1594) has been in the Wild Animal Park of the San Diego zoo since December 2009 and she should still be there. Go and have a look at her when you have a...
Rhino-hide chemical composition by ehaa
What chemical molecular species comprise the top layer of rhino hide? (Besides dirt or other contamination. ) I hope this is an easy question for the expert biologists to help me get started! Many thanks, Eric
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