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Title: Western Palaearctic palaeoenvironmental conditions during the Early and early Middle Pleistocene inferred from large mammal communities, and implications for hominin dispersal in Europe
Author(s): Kahlke, R.D.; Garcia, N.; Kostopoulos, D.S.; Lacombat, F.; Lister, A.M.; Mazza, P.P.A.; Spassov, N.; Titov, V.V.
Year published: 2010
Journal: Quaternary Science Reviews
Volume: Article in Press
Pages: 28 pp
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Large-scale fluctuations in global climate and resulting changes in ecology had a profound effect on human evolution and dispersal. Though hominin remains are scarce, studies focussing on the more abundant records of fossil land mammal communities can contribute greatly to our knowledge of the pa...

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