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The RRC database contains a total of 42415 Notes which are linked to 28550 References. Furthermore, 28631 PDF's containing copies of pages from books and journals are available.

Newest PDFs:

Merklein, J.J., 1662
Miller, M. et al., 2022
Miller, M. et al., 2022
García-Fernández, D. et al., 2023
Siswoyo et al., 2023
Nath, N. et al., 2023
Pandolfi, L. et al., 2024
Castanheda, F.L. de, 1577
Gene, G., 1843
Cortesi, G., 1819
Franza, A. et al., 2023
Oczko, P., 2023
Pfannerstill, V.N., 2023
Wilder, A.P. et al., 2024
Oukouomi Noutchie, S.C., 2024
Amallia, C., 2023
Hartanti, A. et al., 2023
Anonymous, 1907
Chomel, N., 1778
Santymire, R.M. et al., 2011
Etienne, C. et al., 2024
Hiller, C. et al., 2024
Calmet, A. et al., 1803
Saikia, A., 2023

Rhino Literature & Articles

The RRC website provides access to an extensive database of indexed and tagged references, abstracts and full texts covering every possible aspect of the knowledge of the rhinoceros. There are no restrictions of language, time period, locality or type of publication including reports and grey literature. Contributions and suggestions are welcome.

Special Features:
Our Image Gallery including Contemporary Art.
Main references to the fossil rhino sites database in Excel format; more info here

Newest References:
Merklein, J.J., 1662. Journal oder Beschreibung ... Ostindische Reise. In: Caron, F.; Schouten, J., Wahrhaftige Beschreibungen zweyer mächtigen Königreiche, Jappan und Siam. Nuernberg, Michael und Joh.Friedrich Endters, pp. 342-502
Castanheda, F.L. de, 1577. Historia dell' Indie Orientali, scoperte, & conquistate da' Portoghesi, di commissione dell' Inuittissimo Re Don Manuello, di gloriosa memoria. Venetia, Appresso Giordano Ziletti, vol. 1
Franza, A. et al., 2023. Knowing is better than wondering: the cataloging of natural heritage between museum studies and crime. Heritage 6 (8): 5805-5817;
Gene, G., 1843. Del rinoceronte. Il Facchino, Giornale di Scienze, Lettere, Arti e Varieta 5 (33), 19 August 1843: 279
Cortesi, G., 1819. Saggi geologici degli stati di Parma e Piacenza. Piacenza, Torchj del Majno
Park, Yerim et al., 2024. Kaistella rhinocerotis sp. nov., isolated from the faeces of rhinoceros and reclassification of Chryseobacterium faecale as Kaistella faecalis comb. nov.. International Journal of Systematic and Evolotionary Microbiology 74 (4): 1-9 -
Oczko, P., 2023. Hansken i Clara [in Polish]. ZNAK 818-819: 72-80
Pfannerstill, V.N., 2023. Improving rhinoceros conservation and management through behaviour-based research: Evidence from Botswana. Thesis presented to Georg-August-University Göttingen: pp. 1-145
Wilder, A.P. et al., 2024. Genetic load and viability of a future restored northern white rhino population. Evolutionary Applications 2024;17:e13683: 1-15 -
Oukouomi Noutchie, S.C., 2024. Probabilistic assessment of the risk of black rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis) species extinction. African Journal of Ecology 2024;62:e13197: 1-6 -
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