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The RRC database contains a total of 40510 Notes which are linked to 26644 References. Furthermore, 26740 PDF's containing copies of pages from books and journals are available.

Newest PDFs:

Goldsmith, O., 1822
Brown, T. et al., 1840
Innes, H. et al., 1834
Twinkl, 2017
Dorner, H., 1869
Schubert, F. et al., 1856
Kolb, C.F.A. et al., 1876
Kolb, C.F.A. et al., 1885
Kolb, C.F.A. et al., 1890
Anonymous, 1817
Goldsmith, O., 1822
Goldsmith, O., 1822
Funke, C.P., 1794
Shillito, E., 1860
Hornaday, W.T., 1902
Brown, A.E., 1878
Brown, A.E., 1905
Brown, A.E., 1880
Buck, F. et al., 1930
Buck, F., 1953
Buck, F., 1936
Buck, F., 1936
White, S.E., 1916
Buffon, G.L. Leclerc de et al., 1802

Rhino Literature & Articles

The RRC website provides access to an extensive database of indexed and tagged references, abstracts and full texts covering every possible aspect of the knowledge of the rhinoceros. There are no restrictions of language, time period, locality or type of publication including reports and grey literature. Contributions and suggestions are welcome.

Special Features:
Our Image Gallery including Contemporary Art.
Main references to the fossil rhino sites database in Excel format; more info here

Newest References:
Riley, G., 1793. The beauties of the creation, or, a new moral system of natural history. Second edition, vol. 1 Quadrupeds. London, Printed for G. Riley
Bewick, T., 1820. A natural history of foreign quadrupeds. Thirty-four engravings on wood. Alnwick, W. Davison
Trimmer, M., 1845. A natural history of the most remarkable quadrupeds, birds, fishes, serpents, reptiles and insects. Boston, S.G. Simpkins
Carter, Andrews, 1830. The child's book of nature :being figures and descriptions illustrative of the natural history of quadrupeds and birds. Boston, Carter, Hendee and Babcock
Goldsmith, O., 1822. A history of the earth and animated nature, in six volumes. Vol. 3. London, Richardson & Co - and others
Brown, T. et al., 1840. A history of the earth and animated nature. With copious notes and an appendix, vol. 2 part 1. Edinburgh, Glasgow and London, A.Fullarton and Co
Innes, H. et al., 1834. Goldsmith's natural history, with notes from all the popular treatises that have been issued since the time of Goldsmith. London, John Lofts
Twinkl, 2017. Ronald the Rhino. Sheffield, Twinkl, pp. 1-40
Schubert, F. et al., 1856. Naturgeschichte fur die Jugend. 3rd edition. Wien, Sallmayer und Comp
Kolb, C.F.A. et al., 1890. Naturgeschichte der Säugethiere, ein Anschauungs-Unterricht fur Schule und Haus. 2nd edition. Stuttgart, Hoffmann
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