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The RRC database contains a total of 33374 Notes which are linked to 19454 References. Furthermore, 19124 PDF's containing copies of pages from books and journals are available.

Newest PDFs:

Azanza, B. et al., 2004
Kostopoulos, D.S. et al., 2009
Qiu Zhanxiang et al., 2007
Bayshashov, B.U., 1993
Brunet, M., 1979
Codrea, V.A., 2000
Hernández Fernández, M. et al., 2006
Cunningham-van Someren, G.T., 1986
Pincelli, M.A., 2013
Johnson, S.C., 2014
Laszkiewicz, W., 2014
Ansón, M. et al., 2013
Pina, M. et al., 2008
Diemar, C., 2015
Brehm, A.E., 1882
Bright, J.A. et al., 2015
Daura, J. et al., 2015
Mallick, J.K., 2015
Wendy B, 2013
Behr, M., 2015
Fowlds, W., 2014
Milton, P. et al., 2013
Loukashkin, A.S., 1932
Walker, N., 1991

Rhino Literature & Articles

The RRC website provides access to an extensive database of indexed and tagged references, abstracts and full texts covering every possible aspect of the knowledge of the rhinoceros. The database only contains material available in the library of the RRC. All references are verified and bibliographically correct.

This bibliography excludes (with some exceptions) the following:

  • Literature on fossil rhinoceros species
  • Items in newspapers
  • Multiple editions and reprints
    (we endeavour to list the earliest edition of each work)
Try it out and do not hesitate to contact us with your suggestions and comments. We need the inputs of the users to improve the usability of the interfaces.

We would like to thank H. Carpentier for supplying us with references from the Carino database.

Newest References:
Azanza, B. et al., 2004. Los yacimientos de vertebrados continentales del Aragoniense superior (Mioceno medio) de Toril, Cuenca de Calatayud-Daroca. Geo-Temas 6 (2): 271-274, 1 fig, 2 tabs
Kostopoulos, D.S. et al., 2009. The Late Miocene mammal fauna of Samos, Greece – The mammalian fauna and its homogeneity. Abstr. book of 13th Congr. of the Reg. Committee on Mediterranean Neogene Stratigraphy (RCMNS) “Earth System Evolution and the Mediterranean Area", Acta Naturalia de “L’Ateneo Parmense”, Parma: 45 (1): 289-290
Hernández Fernández, M. et al., 2006. Los yacimientos de vertebrados del Mioceno medio de Somosaguas (Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid) – Implicaciones paleoambientales y paleoclimáticas. Estudios Geológicos, Madrid; 62 (1): 263-294
Cunningham-van Someren, G.T., 1986. The larger mammals of the Kora National Reserve, with notes on the Sciuridae and Bathyergidae. In: Coe, M. and Collins, N. M., (eds.) (1986) Kora: an ecological inventory of the Kora National Reserve, Kenya. Royal Geographical Society, London, pp. 287-302
Pincelli, M.A., 2013. Gli umanisti e il rinoceronte: passando per Durer. In: Israëls, M. (ed.), Renaissance Studies in Honor of Joseph Connors, Volume 2. Florence, pp. 445-452
Johnson, S.C., 2014. Where the wild things are: the lust for rhino horns has fueled a poaching war across southern Africa. Foreign Policty July-August 2014: 28-32
Laszkiewicz, W., 2014. Peter S. Beagle's transformations of the mythic unicorn. Mythlore 33(1): 53-65
Miller, M. et al., 2015. Potential for serodiagnosis of tuberculosis in black rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis). Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 46 (1): 100-104
Ansón, M. et al., 2013. Artistic reconstruction of the appearance of Prosantorhinus Heissig, 1974, the teleoceratine rhinoceros from the Middle Miocene of Somosaguas [Reconstrucción artística de la apariencia de Prosantorhinus Heissig, 1974, el rinoceronte teleoceratino del Mioceno medio de Somosaguas]. Spanish Journal of Palaeontology (Sociedad Española de Paleontología) 28 (1): 43-53, 7 figs
Pina, M. et al., 2008. Paleocorología de los mamíferos del Mioceno medio de Somosaguas (Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid). Palaeontologica Nova 8: 345-356, 3 figs, 3 tabs
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