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Pachyderm celebrates


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Oct 26th - 08:27

Posted: Mar 22 2012, 10:47 AM
The latest Pachyderm has a Special Issue inserted: "Pachyderm past and present" to celebrate its 50th issue.
This has insightful, historical, humorous and personal contributions by Lucy Vigne, Kes Hillman-Smith, Jan Robovsky, Sue Downie, Lucky Mavrandonis, Satya Priya Sinha, Markus Borner, Leonard Mubalama Kikira, Julien Marchais, Bridget McGraw, Clive Walker, Holly Dublin, Esmond Martin, Kees Rookmaaker, Henri Carpentier, Iain Douglas-Hamilton - and many great illustrations.
Download from here:

Kees Rookmaaker

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