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Investigative Environmental Journalism (hits:69)
The Oxpeckers Center for Investigative Environmental Journalism is Africa’s first journalistic investigation unit focusing on environmental issues. The Center combines traditional investigative reporting with data analysis and geo-mapping tools to expose eco-offences and track organised crime syndicates in southern Africa.
Australian Rhino project (hits:129)
Founded by Ray Dearlove, the ultimate goal of The Australian Rhinoceros Project is to ensure the survival of these majestic species by making a significant contribution to ex situ conservation breeding efforts in order to ensure species survival outside of the range states where the issue persists. The objective of such programs is to maintain a viable population outside of the range state, with targeted genetic and demographic management that will allow for the repatriation of African rhinoceros back to their natural habitat and homelands. The scope of this objective should not be underestimated, as it could be generations before this environment is secure and free from poaching.
Rhino Orphanage (hits:166)
SOUTH Africa is to be home to the first specialist, dedicated, non-commercial centre to care for baby rhinos orphaned by the shocking trade in poached rhino horns.
The Wildlife & Cultural Centre at Legend Golf & Safari Resort in Limpopo Province is to be the site for the centre which will take in baby rhinos orphaned or injured across the country by poachers who feed the illegal trade in horns, which has seen record numbers of animals killed and orphaned in the past 14 months.
A R4m campaign was launched on Monday March 12 to fund the project which has already gained the support of most of the major organizations involved in the war to save the rhino.
And the first donation has already been made by agricultural machine specialists New Holland who have donated a new tractor to the project after hearing of the plans while conferencing at the resort.
More than 400 rhino were butchered in South Africa last year and almost 100 have died in the first two months of 2012.
South Africa is home to more than 90 percent of the rhinos on the planet, and the world’s first rhino orphanage will be a major step forward in the battle to protect the species
Fight for rhinos (hits:114)
Bringing the plight of the rhino to as many people as I can.
Rhino Biology and Conservation (hits:271)
News with comments on Rhino biology and conservation . Curated by Francesco Nardelli.
Project African Rhino (hits:240)
Project: African Rhino is a multimedia photo-journalism project raising awareness about rhino conservation in Africa, with a particular focus on successful initiatives and scientific developments in the face of current and future threats, including the poaching crisis.<br>The two year project, beginning in mid-2012, will include journalistic coverage of key issues in magazines and newspapers, updates on this blog and on social media sites, a coffee table book celebrating African rhinos, and a major photographic exhibition.
WWF Rhino Programs (hits:2215)
Of the 3 Asian rhino species – Sumatran, Javan and greater one-horned – only one is showing signs of conservation success. Loss of habitat and the ongoing threat of poaching continue to push these animals to the brink.
Save the Rhino International (hits:678)
Save the Rhino International works to conserve genetically viable populations of critically endangered rhinoceros species in the wild. We do this by fundraising for and making grants to rhino- and community-based conservation projects. They organize an annual Rhino May Day in London. The website contains much new information on rhino poaching and conservation around the world.
A. Athanassiou (hits:86)
Home page of Dr Athanassios Athanassiou of Athen, researcher of fossil rhinos and other mammals.
Rhino Economics (hits:189)
Rhino poaching is driven by economic forces. If we really want to save the rhino, we must understand how those forces work and look at examples of success stories to see what we can learn from them.
Anti-Poaching Intelligence Group (hits:284)
Formed in 2001 to produce and analyze intelligence on all forms of poaching and the illegal wildlife trade in Southern Africa. We support and collaborate with many government , private enforcement and wildlife investigative units, in Southern Africa and abroad.
Sauvages et compagnie (hits:42)
Votre intérêt se porte sur la Nature ? Vous aimez les animaux, qu’ils soient sauvages ou de compagnie ? L’avenir de la Terre vous préoccupe ? Vous êtes sensible aux programmes de conservation des milieux et de leurs hôtes à plumes ou à poils ? Vous êtes vous-même impliqué dans des actions d’aide ou de sauvegarde et vous voulez communiquer à ce sujet?
George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust (hits:116)
The George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust was formed in England in 1979 to raise funds for the work being done in the Kora National Park in northern Kenya by George Adamson and his assistant Tony Fitzjohn.
Age of Mammals (hits:348)
Russian website with scientific information on fossil mammals, including a wide range of rhinoceros species.
Rhino Rescue SA (hits:751)
Rhino Calf Rescue is a South African conservation awareness initiative born out of the urgent need to save the increasing number of rhino calves left orphaned due to the horrific increase in the poaching of adult rhinos.

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