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Title: A historical specimen of the Fishing Cat, Prionailurus viverrinus (Bennett, 1833) (Carnivora, Felidae) from Singapore in the zoological collection of the Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden
Author(s): Jusoh, W.F.A.; Chua, M.A.H.; Bakker, P.A.J.; Kamminga, P.; Weller, D.; Rookmaaker, L.C.; Low, M.E.Y.
Year published: 2022
Journal: Zoosystematics and Evolution
Volume: 98 (1)
Pages: 43-53
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The Fishing Cat is not a species known to inhabit Singapore. However, a historical specimen stated to have come from Singapore in 1819 and attributed to Pierre-M├ędard Diard (RMNH.MAM.59688) is now housed at Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden, the Netherlands. Two hundred years after it was ob...

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