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Title: Genomic analysis of demographic history and ecological niche modeling in the endangered Sumatran Rhinoceros Dicerorhinus sumatrensis
Author(s): Mays, H.L.; Hung, C.M.; Shaner, P.J.; Denvir, J.; Justice, M.; Yang, S.F.; Roth, T.L.; Oehler, D.A.; Jun Fan; Rekulapally, S.; Primerano, D.A.
Year published: 2018
Journal: Current Biology
Volume: 28 (1)
Pages: 70-76.e4
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Sumatran Rhino
The vertebrate extinction rate over the past century is approximately 22–100 times greater than background extinction rates [1], and large mammals are particularly at risk [2, 3]. Quaternary megafaunal extinctions have been attributed to climate change [4], overexploitation [5], or a combinatio...

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