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Title: Functional traits - not nativeness - shape the effects of large mammalian herbivores on plant communities
Author(s): Lundgren, E.; Bergman, J.; Trepel, J.; Le Roux, E.; Monsarrat, S.; Kristensen, J.A.; Pedersen, R.; Pereyra, P.J.; Tietje, M.; Svenning, J.-Ch.
Year published: 2024
Journal: Science
Volume: 383 (6682):531-537
Pages: 531-537 - doi: 10.1126/science.adh2616
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Ecology - Food
All Rhino Species
Abstract - Large mammalian herbivores (megafauna) have experienced extinctions and declines since prehistory. Introduced megafauna have partly counteracted these losses yet are thought to have unusually negative effects on plants compared with native megafauna. Using a meta-analysis of 3995 plot-...

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