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Title: Perspectives on dehorning and legalised trade in rhino horn as tools to combat rhino poaching. Proceedings of a workshop assessing legal trade in rhino horn as a tool in combating poaching as well as a detailed assessment of the efficacy of dehorning as a deterrent to poaching
Author(s): Daly, B.G.; Greyling, A.; Friedmann, Y.; Downie, S.; Du Toit, R.; E,slie, R.; Eustace, M.; Malan, J.; Nghidinwa, K.; O;Criodain, C; Trendler, K.
Year published: 2011
Publisher: Johannesburg, Endangered Wildlife Trust
Volume: -
Pages: pp. 1-56
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Africa - Southern Africa
Distribution - Poaching
African Rhino Species
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