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Title: Kenya black rhino metapopulation workshop, report
Author(s): Foose, T.J.; Lacey, R.C.; Brett, R.; Seal, U.S.
Year published: 1993
Publisher: Apple Valley, CBSG
Volume: -
Pages: [not paginated]
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Sub-References for this reference:

Paglia, D.E. et al. 1993 Erythrocytic ATP deficiency and acatalasemia in the black rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis) and their pathogenic roles in acute episodic hemolysis and mucocutaneous ulcerations: pp. 1-3

Miller, R.E. 1993 Black rhinoceros veterinary research update 1991: pp. 1-9

Lacy, R.C. 1993 Vortex simulation model of population dynamics and viability: pp. 1-3

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Africa - Eastern Africa - Kenya
Black Rhino
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