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Kornilova, O.A. ; Belokon, M.E.; Skazina, M.A.; Alekseeva, O.S.; Chistyakova, L.V., 2023. Ciliates from the intestine of zoo-kept black rhinoceros, with immunofluorescence microscopic and molecular phylogenetic investigation of Rhinozeta rhinozeta (Litostomatea). European Journal of Protistology 90 (126006):
Location: Captive
Subject: Diseases - Parasites
Species: Black Rhino

Original text on this topic:
The study of endobiotic ciliates from the intestines of various zoo mammals is important for revealing the influence of various factors on endobiont communities. In this paper we describe the species diversity of endobiotic ciliates from the faeces of the eastern black rhinoceros Diceros bicornis michaeli (male and two females, mother and daughter) kept in the zoo. Seven species of the ciliates were found, among them Rhinozeta rhinozeta, R. triciliata and Prototapirella clypeata were observed in the rhinos only. The other two, Monoposthium sp. and Triplumaria sp., according to their morphology should have been identified as new ciliate species. Successful transmission of the endobionts from parents to the young rhino in the zoo was demonstrated. R. rhinozeta was investigated with the using of the methods of the light and immunofluorescence microscopy and molecular phylogeny. The composition and phylogeny of the family Cycloposthiidae were discussed.

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