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Boschian, G., 2022. Rinoceronti a Visogliano - L'ambiente e le grotte di Homo heidelbergensis [Rhinoceroses at Visogliano - The environment and the caves of Homo heidelbergensis] [in Italian] Gruppo Speleologico Flondar (first edition): 103 pp., with illustrations

Location: Europe - Southern Europe - Italy
Subject: Ecology - Habitat
Species: Fossil

Original text on this topic:
Details - This book (103 pp. w/ illustrations) published by the Gruppo Speleologico Flondar speaks about the fossil rhinoceroses found some decades ago at famous site of Visogliano (Trieste). The rhinoceros remains are dated about 500 thousand years BP. The book, essentially popular, will officially be presented in Trieste shortly.

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