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Sun, Boyang; Yan, Yaling; Jin, Changzhu; Dai, Xichao; Wang, Yuan, 2022. New material of Stephanorhinus (Rhinocerotidae, Mammalia) from Jinyuan Cave, Luotuo Hill in Dalian, Northeast China. Historical Biology 2022: []

Location: Asia - East Asia - China
Subject: Distribution - Records
Species: Fossil

Original text on this topic:
Abstract - Middle Pleistocene rhinocerotid material from the upper strata of Jinyuan Cave, Luotuo Hill, Dalian, is described in the present study. The specimens mainly consist of maxillary and mandible with dentition of juvenile and aged individuals, respectively. Based on comparison between the new discovery and known records of Pleistocene rhinocerotid, the Jinyuan Cave specimens are most similar to Stephanorhinus kirchbergensis and then have been identified as Stephanorhinus cf. kirchbergensis. Tooth loss has been present on the Jinyuan Cave rhinocerotid specimen, represented by a mandible without both p2s. This problem could be a result of heredity issues. This condition may be due to mechanical damage from a coarse diet, which can lead to tooth loss and alveolar remodelling, according to the findings from an environmental investigation.

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