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Hildebrandt, T.B.; Holtze, S.; Biasetti, P.; Colleoni, S.; and 17 others, 2021. Conservation research in times of COVID-19 – the rescue of the northern white rhino. Journal of Applied Animal Ethics Research 3 (1): 16-37 - DOI: 10.1163/25889567-BJA10009

Location: Africa - Eastern Africa
Subject: Conservation
Species: Nile Rhino

Original text on this topic:
COVID-19 has changed the world at unprecedented pace. The measures imposed by governments across the globe for containing the pandemic have severely affected all facets of economy and society, including scientific progress. ?onservation research has not been exempt from these negative effects, which we here summarize for the BioRescue project, aiming at saving the northern white rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum cottoni), an important Central African keystone species, of which only two female individuals are left. The development of advanced assisted reproduction and stem-cell technologies to achieve this goal involves experts across five continents. Maintaining international collaborations under conditions of national shut-down and travel restrictions poses major challenges. The associated ethical implications and consequences are particularly troublesome when it comes to research directed at protecting biological diversity – all the more in the light of increasing evidence that biodiversity and intact ecological habitats might limit the spread of novel pathogens.

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