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Roth, T.L.; Schook, M.W.; Stoops, M.R., 2018. Monitoring and controlling ovarian function in the rhinoceros. Theriogenology 109: 48-57

Location: World
Subject: Reproduction
Species: All Rhino Species

Original text on this topic:
Despite their size and potentially dangerous demeanor, the rhinoceros has been a preferred subject of wildlife reproductive scientists. Several factors contribute to this taxon's popularity including the ability to utilize insightful tools like non-invasive hormone metabolite monitoring and transrectal ultrasonography, the necessity for mate introductions to coincide with the female's estrus when breeding certain species or individuals, and the desire to develop assisted reproductive technologies to facilitate the genetic management and ultimate sustainability of small, managed populations in human care. The resulting profusion of rhinoceros reproductive studies has revealed significant species-specific characteristics and exposed the prevalence of aberrant reproductive activity within this taxon. Of equal importance, it has guided necessary intervention and enhanced our success in overcoming challenges associated with breeding rhinoceroses.

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