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Kuzmina, S.; Lister, A.M.; Edwards, M.E. , 2011. Andrei Sher and Quaternary science – Beringia and Beyond: Paper Celebrating the Scientific Career of Andrei Vladimirovich Sher, 1939–2008. Quaternary Science Reviews 30 (17-18): 2039-2048.

Location: World
Subject: People Biography
Species: Fossil

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Andrei V. Sher (1939–2008) was a key individual in Beringian studies who made substantial and original contributions, but also, importantly, built bridges between western and eastern Beringian scientists spanning some five decades of research. He is perhaps best known as a Quaternary palaeontologist, specializing in large mammals, and mammoths in particular, but his field of his scientific research was much broader, encompassing Quaternary geology, stratigraphy, geocryology, and paleoenvironmental reconstructions. He worked mainly in Siberia, in the Kolyma and Indigirka lowlands, and Chukotka, but also completed fieldwork in Alaska and Yukon through joint projects with American and Canadian scientists. Andrei was an active scientist until the last days of his life. He was involved in many different research projects ranging from mammoth evolution, fossil insects and environmental changes and ancient DNA. Without Andrei’s connections between researchers, many unique discoveries would likely be unknown.

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