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Vangengeym, E.A. ; Vislobokova, I.A.; Godina, A.YA. ; Dmitrieva, E.L.; Zhegallo, V.I.; Sotnikova, M.V.; Tleuberdina, P.A., 1993. On the age of mammalian fauna from the Karabulak Formation of the Kalmakpai River (Zaysan Depression, Eastern Kazakhstan). Stratigrafya i Geologicheskaya Korrelyazya [Stratigraphy and Geological Correlation], Moskva 1 (2): 165-171, 1 fig, 1 tab [English version] – ibidem, pp. 38-45 [Russian version]

Location: Asia - West Asia
Subject: Distribution - Records
Species: Fossil

Original text on this topic:
In this paper (Vangengeym & al. 1993), among other mammal species dispersion, the palaeogeographical distribution of the rhinoceros species Sinotherium and Chilotherium are also considered. As to the Kazakhstan palaeoenvironment, vide autem in Chlachula (2010).
As far as other rhinoceros species from Kazakhstan, inter alios vide in the Bayshashov papers.

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