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Beeckman, D., 1718. A voyage to and from the island of Borneo, in the East Indies. With a description of the said island: giving an account of the inhabitants, their manners, customs, relion, product, chief ports, and trade. Together with the re-establishment of the English trade there, An. 1714, after our Factory had been destroyed by the Banjareens some years before. London, T. Warner, pp. i-xiv, 1-205

Location: Museums - Africa
Subject: History
Species: Black Rhino

Original text on this topic:
[Observations made during his stay at the Cape of Good Hope:]

[1718: 178]
The Governor has a handsome dwelling-house therein [in the Castle]. At the upper-part of the Town, is a very large fine garden belonging to the Dutch East-India Company, which is surrounded partly with a wall and partly with a ditch.
In this Garden is likewise a House, built for that purpose, wherein are kept a collection of skins of a multitude of strange beasts which Africa is famous for, so artificially and nicely stuff'd, that at first you would be surpriz'd at them, and would believe them to be really live creatures, viz. Lions, Tygers, Leopards, Elephants, Rhinoceros's, wild Cats, Antelopes of several sorts; many large unsizable Deer, and a creature call'd a Striped-Ass, which they say can never be tam'd, though taken young: It is a beautiful creature, resembling a fine little horse with an ass’s tail, and is striped and colour’d like a tyger

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