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Lockyer, C., 1711. An account of the trade in India: containing rules for good government in trade, price courants, and tables: with descriptions of Fort St. George, Acheen, Malacca, Condore, Canton, Anjengo, Muskat, Gombroon, Surat, Goa, Carwar, Telichery, Panola, Calicut, the Cape of Good-Hope, and St. Helena. Their inhabitants, customs religion, goverment, animals, fruits, &c. To which is added, an account of the management of the Dutch in their affairs in India. London, Samuel Crouch, pp. i-xii, 1-340

Location: Africa - Southern Africa - South Africa
Subject: Text as original
Species: African Rhino Species

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[Visit Cape of Good Hope, 22 May - 12 July 1706 ]
[1711: 295]
The skins of which may be seen for a shilling in the Company's House at the Great Garden, well stuff'd, and placed to such advantage that at a distance they may be mistaken for live ones.
The Hypotamus, or Sea-cow was likewise new to me; nor had I seen a Rhinoceros before, where I spent a considerable time with the greatest satisfaction.

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