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Varthema, L. di, 1928. The itinerary of Ludovico di Varthema of Bologna from 1502 to 1508 as translated from the original Italian edition of 1510, by John Winter Jones in 1863 for the Hakluyt Society, with a discourse on Varthema and his travels in Southern Asia by Sir Richard. London, The Argonaut Press, pp. i-lxxxv, 1-121

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Subject: Text as original
Species: All Rhino Species

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In another part of the said temple [in Mecca] is an enclosed place in which there are two live unicorns, and these are shown as very remarkable objects, which they certainly are. The elder is formed like a colt of 30 months old, and he has a horn in the forehead, which horn is about three braccia in length. The other unicorn is like a colt of one year old, and he has a horn of about 4 palmi long. The colour ... resembles that of a dark bay horse, and his head resembles that of a stag; his neck is not very long, and he has some thin and short hair which hangs on one side; his legs are slender and lean like those of a goat; the foot is a little cloven in the fore-part, and long and goat-like, and there are some hairs on the hind part of the said legs. Truly this monster must be a very fierce and solitary animal. These two animals were presented to the Sultan of Mecca ... by a King of Ethiopia, that is, by a Moorish King.

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