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Mundy, P.J., 1984. Rhinoceros in South and South West Africa. Proceedings of a Workshop held at Pilanesberg Game Reserve, Bophuthatswana, 15 and 16 February 1984. Johannesburg, Endangered Wildlife Trust, pp. 1-25

Location: Captive
Subject: Captivity - Zoo Records
Species: Black Rhino

Original text on this topic:
Zoos showed very little concern for black rhinos up to the late 1960's, but this changed in the 1970's. Up to 1980 there was a decline in the zoo population, but since then there has been an increase due to births in captivity. Today, there are 71 captive populations of black rhinos around the world, of the following compositions:-
19 captive populations are single animals.
22 are one male to one female,
25 are one male to two or more females:
5 are one female to two or more males.
These groups comprise 183 animals. The 1:1 composition has a poor breeding success rate, whilst 13 of 16 births in 1981/82 have been in the one male to multi-female grouping.
At the moment, South African zoos cannot contribute to a conservation effort for the black rhino, as the two major zoos each have males, a minor in Johannesburg and two michaeli mino r hybrids at the National Zool.ogical Garden.. Surely there is scope for a serious breeding programme?

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