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Hufnagel, E., 1972. Libyan mammals. Harrow, Oleander Press, pp. 1-85

Location: Africa - Northern Africa - Libya
Subject: Taxonomy - Evolution
Species: African Rhino Species

Original text on this topic:
- Jebel Zelten was in Miocene times a veritable paradise for land mammals. The fauna included rhinoceroses.
- Qasr Sahabi, but a few million years old, we see a very large rhinoceros of Asiatic affinity.
- Jebel el Akdhar, pleistocene, associated with human cultures; fauna included rhinoceroses.
Recent & pleistocene (<3m years), localities: Uweinat, Haua Fteah, Hagfet ed Dabba, Hagfet et Tera, wadi Derma; fauna includes rhinoceros
Pliocene (3-12m years), locality Qasr Sahabi, fauna includes rhinoceros
Miocene (12-25m years), locality Jebel Zelten, fauna includes rhinoceros

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