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Cruz, D. da, 1979. Rhino. New Scientist 83 (1165), 1979 July 26: 312

Location: World
Subject: Management
Species: All Rhino Species

Original text on this topic:
A solution to their slaughter. The solution: government game control teams would tranquillize every rhino they could find and remove their horns, simultaneously removing the poacher's incentive to kill. The process would continue for years if necessary, until the irate but impotent customers for ground horn became habituated to abstinence, several generations of hornless rhinos being preferable to the rhino extinct. The programme would be funded by government sale of the horn on the open market. This would provide the unique spectacle of a self-liquidating bureaucracy: as the supply of horn diminishes, so does the need for staff and the funds to support it.

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