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Schaffer, N.E.; Beehler, B.A., 1988. Overview of procedures and results of semen collection from ambulatory rhinoceroses. Proceedings of the AAZPA Annual Conference 1988: 273-279, tables 1-5

Location: World
Subject: Reproduction - Management methods
Species: All Rhino Species

Original text on this topic:
Semen has been cryopreserved from Rhinoceros unicornis, Ceratotherium simum, Diceros bicornis. Both pellet and straw cryopreservation methods have been used in the rhinoceros.
Poor recovery of rhinoceros sperm from freezing is indicated by low postthaw motilities (20-70%). Some improvement in recovery is noted in the Indian rhinoceros, however only the sperm-rich fraction of this rhino's ejaculate was frozen. In the sperm-poor fraction, sperm were not successfully cryopreserved. This sperm-poor fraction had higher concentrations of accessory gland fluids. Accessory gland fluid is indicated as one of the factors contributing to the difficulty in freezing rhinoceros semen.
Due to the problems with cryopreservation, an extended life medium is being developed for use in rhinoceroses in cooperation with Dr. Barry Bavister at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Samples retrieved from rhinoceroses are initially examined for viability and then mixed with the extended life medium. This medium holds the sperm at room temperature for overnight express shipping back to Madison. At the Madison labs, highly technical analyses of sperm are performed. Preliminary trials with transport of semen have been successful in the rhinoceros.

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