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Loutit, B.D., 1995. Rhino protection in communal areas, Namibia. Pachyderm 20: 31-32, fig. 1

Location: Africa - Southern Africa - Namibia
Subject: Behaviour - Daily Routine
Species: Black Rhino

Original text on this topic:
However, those that do stray into the eastern, more populated areas, which have higher rainfall and more vegetation, are young, sub-adults looking for new home ranges in which to settle. These animals are known to be inquisitive and they even walk into human settlements where they are sometimes shot. One young rhino bull that was being tracked by members of the Anti Poaching Unit covered a distance of about 250 km before being caught and moved to a small game park. This individual often visited homesteads where cattle were in kraals at night and even lay down to sleep in the manure of a disused kraal. Due to their unpredictable behaviour, such animals may easily charge and cause havoc in their confusion.

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