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Sclater, W.L., 1900. The mammals of South Africa, vol I: Primates, carnivora and ungulata. London, R.H. Porter, pp. i-xxxi, 1-324

Location: World
Subject: Morphology - Skull
Species: All Rhino Species

Original text on this topic:
Dentition i. 2 to 0/ 2 to 0, c. 0/ 1 to 0, pm 4/4, m. 3/3 = 28 to 38; incisors and canines variable in number, often absent, premolars and molars in a continuous series, and resembling one another in general plan, except that the anterior one is considerably smaller and often deciduous; upper molars with a straight outer edge and a doubly incurved inner edge, so as to form two transverse ridges with a deep valley between; ridges of the lower molars crescentic in shape.

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