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Bigalke, R.C., 1978. Mammals: pp. 981-1048

In: Werger, M.J.A. Biogeography and ecology of Southern Africa. Amsterdam, Junk (Monographia Biologicae, vol. 31): vol. 2, pp. 663-1439

Location: World
Subject: Ecology - Food
Species: Black Rhino

Original text on this topic:
The black rhinoceros feeds on a wide spectrum of plants, although conventionally considered a browser. Trees and shrubs are indeed probably the most important bulk sources of food in most regions. In northern South West Africa Joubert & Eloff (1971) found that rhino took three species of Acacia and Terminalia prunioides in large amounts. Smaller shrubs such as Grewia were also irnportant and in the rainy season a bigger variety of plants, including several annual herbs, were eaten. In the Tarangire Reserve, Lamprey (1963) classified rhino as primarily browsers on shrubs and trees; herbs, sedges and especially grasses were also taken quite frequently. Schenkel & Schenkel-Hulliger (1969) similarly list shrubs and a few herbs as the chief foods and many subsidiary species in the Tsavo National Park East

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