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Pienaar, D.J., 1994. Habitat preference of the white rhino in the Kruger National Park: pp. 59-64, figs. 1-2

In: Penzhorn, B.L. et al. Proceedings of a symposium on rhinos as game ranch animals. Onderstepoort, Republic of South Africa, 9-10 September 1994: pp. i-iv, 1-242

Location: Africa - Southern Africa - South Africa
Subject: Behaviour - Daily Routine
Species: White Rhino

Original text on this topic:
Field observations have shown that in the mornings white rhinoceros feed by preference on the shade-loving grasses such as Panicum maximum that grow on the riverbanks. When it gets warm they utilize the watersheds to rest in the shade. The catenary sequence (Figure 2) in the Combretum landscapes in the KNP affects the habits of white rhino. During the early morning white rhino typically feed on the bottomlands, riverbanks and brackish areas adjacent to the water courses. The soils on the footslopes and valley bottom have a high clay component and small pans form here during the rainy season. White rhino are very fond of wallowing or lying in these pans.

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