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Khan, M.; Dey, S.C.; Sumardja, E.; Foose, T.J.; Strien, N.J. van, 2000. Asian Rhino Specialist Group: triennial report 1997-2000. Species 34: 32-33

Location: Asia - South East Asia - Malaysia - Sabah
Subject: Management - Programs
Species: Sumatran Rhino

Original text on this topic:
To reinforce the in situ conservation efforts for Sumatran rhino, ASRSG has been active in development of the managed breeding centers in native habitat (sanctuaries) for this species in Indonesia (The Suaka Rhino Sumatera (SRS) in Way Kambas National Park), Peninsula Malaysia (The Sumatran Rhino Conservation Center-Sungai Dusun), and Sabah (Sepilok Rhino Center). These managed breedina centers have evolved due to the lack of success of the traditional captive program which was initiated for this species under IUCN/SSC auspices in 1984. To facilitate the managed breeding program, ASRSG has provided auspices for two meetings of all managers and researchers involved in Sumatran rhino under intensive management: one at Sungai Dusun in February 1999 and another at both Way Kamhas and Sungai Dusun in March 2000.
Attempts by ASRSG with other partners to develop a conservation tourism program oriented around the Sumatran rhino sanctuaries as a means of generating significant income for in situ rhino conservation has been retarded by the economic and political perturbations in South East Asia. However, the objective will be pursued as circumstances permit.

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