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Long, B.; Roth, B.; Holden, J.; Uck, S., 2000. Large mammals: pp. 49-68, table 1

In: Daltry, J.C. et al. Cardamom Mountains biodiversity survey 2000. Cambridge, Fauna and Flora International: pp. 1-252

Location: Asia - East Asia - Cambodia
Subject: Distribution - Status
Species: Javan Rhino

Original text on this topic:
The IUCN Status, Survey and Conservation Action Plan for Asian Rhinos (Foose & van Strien 1997) states a need for status data for this species in Cambodia. The results of this survey lead to the opinion that the chances of finding rhino in Cambodia are very slim and the status of this species should be treated as critical until exhaustive surveys have been conducted in all possible rhino areas throughout the country.

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