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Buckley, W., 1930. Big game hunting in Central Africa. London, Cecil Palmer, pp. i-viii, 1-268

Location: Africa - Eastern Africa - Sudan
Subject: Behaviour - Memory
Species: White Rhino

Original text on this topic:
I call to mind a rather peculiar instance concerning rhino, which happened whilst maneuvering to get a shot at a bull elephant who was amongst a herd of others. A very inquisitive rhino would come close up and stare at us, and as I could not get out of the beast's way, and not wanting to shoot him, having my eye on the tusker in the herd, I motioned to one of the shenzi trackers who usually accompanied me on my hunting to pick up a large stick about as thick as one's wrist, conveying that I wanted him to hit the rhino while I covered it with my rifle.

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