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Bigalke, R.C., 1978. Mammals: pp. 981-1048

In: Werger, M.J.A. Biogeography and ecology of Southern Africa. Amsterdam, Junk (Monographia Biologicae, vol. 31): vol. 2, pp. 663-1439

Location: World
Subject: Ecology - Habitat
Species: Black Rhino

Original text on this topic:
Both African species of the family Rhinocerotidae have suffered great reductions in numbers and range. Diceros bicornis is the more widespread of the two and originally occupied the widest range of open and closed savanna vegetation types, occurring in many parts of the South West Arid, Southern and Northern Savanna zones. Cover is also an important habitat requirement intimately linked with food preferences. Joubert & Eloff report a clear preference for the densest vegetation in their study area, a tree and thorn shrub savanna, and Lamprey found his animals to prefer denser Commiphora woodland.

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