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Brett, R.A., 1998. Mortality factors and breeding performance of translocated black rhinos in Kenya: 1984-1995. Pachyderm 26: 69-82, figs. 1-8, tables 1-2

Location: Africa - Eastern Africa - Kenya
Subject: Ecology - Population
Species: Black Rhino

Original text on this topic:
Translocated rhinos, Kenya 1984-1995. Overall there was no bias in the sex ratio of calves born to translocated rhinos (22 males, 21 females, 1 unsexed). However, sex ratios of calves born in particular sanctuaries did show a marked, but not consistent bias. For example, male calves exceeded female calves by approximately 2:1 in the Ngulia and Lake Nakuru sanctuaries (6:3 and 9:5 respectively) but the reverse was found for calves born at Lewa Downs (4 males: 8 females).

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