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Rachlow, J.L.; Berger, J., 1998. Reproduction and population density: trade-offs for the conservation of rhinos in situ. Animal Conservation 1 (2): 101-106, figs. 1-3, table 1

Location: World
Subject: Ecology - Population
Species: White Rhino

Original text on this topic:
Population growth after reintroduction. The population of white rhinos in the fenced WGP has undergone two periods of growth during which translocations did not occur: 1967-1974 (early period) and 1987-1994 (late period). Rates of annual increase calculated for the early and late periods were 10.4 and 6.6 %, respectively. The ecological density in the WGP increased by >200% during this time, from 0.23 rhino/ km? in 1967 to 0.83 rhino/ km? in 1994.

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