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Bruton, R., 1963. The rhinos of South-East Asia. Conservation News 1963 August: 5-10, figs. 1-6, maps 1-2

Location: Asia
Subject: Ecology - Habitat
Species: Sumatran Rhino

Original text on this topic:
Both species of Southeast Asian rhino can probably live in almost any kind of topography. They probably once inhabited much of the swampy lowlands and wet highlands of our area, but have been forced exclusively to the most inaccessible mountain forests by the pressure of human agriculture and hunting. Our rhinos prefer fairly cool areas with much shade. It is certain that they must live in very wet areas, as wallowing seems absolutely necessary to their health. They seem to have no very unique food requirements and could probably find nourishment in almost any natural area that meets their other requirements. They seem to require a rather large area in which to roam and forage and in some cases they make rather long seasonal movements. Without proper protection, an absolutely necessary requirement is inaccessibility to man, their only, but very formidable, enemy. All conditions which make hunting difficult are necessary. It should be remembered that very little is known about either Southeast Asian species of rhino and that there may be sorre very important habitat requirements, especially those concerning reproduction, that are totally unknown.
Sanctuaries for the rhino must be very wet, at least in part, for the entire year and during the most severe droughts. They should include a fairly large area. The minimum size probably depends mostly on the seasonal availability of water and the quantity of edible twigs and fruits, but some other unknown factors may be important.

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