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Nardelli, F., 1985. The Sumatran Rhinoceros Project. Help Newsletter, Port Lympne 7: 4-8, figs. 1-2

Location: Asia
Subject: Ecology - Habitat
Species: Sumatran Rhino

Original text on this topic:
Although primary tropical rain forest is the rhino's favourite habitat, it has been recorded in other settings, from swamps at sea level to regions as high as 2,500 metres, always preferring the dense undergrowth, which was formerly widespread. Low-lying land has been cleared more easily, so that today the animals, for the most part, are restricted to dense forests in hilly or mountainous areas, which are less readily disturbed by increasing numbers of human settlers, looking for more land to cultivate. Sustained pressure on their habitat inevitably disrupts the animal's usual patterns of behaviour, including those associated with successful breeding.

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