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Loutit, B.D., 1995. Rhino protection in communal areas, Namibia. Pachyderm 20: 31-32, fig. 1

Location: Africa - Southern Africa - Namibia
Subject: Ecology - Habitat
Species: Black Rhino

Original text on this topic:
Namibia, Damaraland. The habitats in which rhinos have survived are the arid to extremely arid areas east of the dune desert of the Namib and west of the escarpment. Rainfall is minimal and seldom goes above 100 mm per year. There are virtually no people living in the main rhino-inhahited area of Damaraland, it being too dry and the vegetation too sparse for any but the toughest human to endure. In addition, the headmen and councillors have entered into a gentleman's agreement with the local wildlife management officers to discourage subsistence goat herders from encroaching on the remaining rhino habitat.

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