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Planton, H., 1999. Rhinoceros noir du Nord Ouest de l'Afrique (Diceros bicornis longipes): le compte a rebours continue. Pachyderm 27: 86-100, figs. 1-6, photo 1-8, table 1

Location: Africa - Western Africa - Cameroon
Subject: Ecology - Habitat
Species: Black Rhino

Original text on this topic:
Formerly black rhinos lived in northern Garoua province in vegetations dominated by Acacia (mostly A. hockii and A. senegal). This is the kind of terrain seen to be most suitable to rhinos by anglophone researchers.
Today the rhino live in an area of wooded savannah, in the sudanese or soudanese-guinea zone, which is dominated by populations of Isoberlinia, Terminalia, Combretum, Acacia, Burkea, Gardenia, Piliostigma and parts with Anogeissus. Favourite habitats have valleys, most often near to slopes, watered by small streams, often seasonal, which have several permanent water holes during the dry season. Rhinos are never far from water. They usually drink every night or earky morning, and they love to wallow in mud during the morning hours. They also frequent salt licks. Then they eat and then rest to hide from the heat, often under trees or in swampy places until late afternoon if they are not disturbed.

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