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Bertschinger, H.J., 1994. Reproduction in black and white rhinos: a review: pp. 155-161, fig.1

In: Penzhorn, B.L. et al. Proceedings of a symposium on rhinos as game ranch animals. Onderstepoort, Republic of South Africa, 9-10 September 1994: pp. i-iv, 1-242

Location: World
Subject: Reproduction - Management methods
Species: White Rhino

Original text on this topic:
The only paper related to this subject, which does not include pregnancy, is that of Hindle et all. One northern and one southern rhino cow were used in the study. The main urinary steroids in white rhino cows were found to be oestradiol-17 and 20 -DHP. Cyclic patterns for both steroids were observed in each animal. The northern cow showed an interoestrus interval of 24 days while that of the southern cow was 32 days, as judged by the oestradiol-17 peaks. The northern white rhino showed overt oestrus during two consecutive cycles, was mated on each occasion, but did not fall pregnant.

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