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Andersen, S., 1963. Sumatran rhinoceros (Didermocerus sumatraensis) at Copenhagen Zoo. International Zoo Yearbook 3: 56-57, pl. 3

Location: Captive - Europe
Subject: Ecology - Food
Species: Sumatran Rhino

Original text on this topic:
Copenhagen Zoo. Until she arrived at Copenhagen, Subur had been fed daily with boiled rice balls. This was just about the worst thing we could have given her, but when the leaves of her native forests were no longer available, rice was the only thing she would accept. As the result she suffered from constipation on several occasions and to relieve this we had, on two occasions, to give her injections which were administered with a Cap-Chur pistol. As it was winter, there was almost no greenstuff available and so we offered her different varieties of hay. After she had been in the zoo three weeks, her keeper managed to tempt her to eat a type of lucerne hay. She soon took to this and it formed the bulk of her diet ever since. In addition to the lucerne hay (she is given as much as she will eat), she now receives two five-kilo feeds a day, consisting of a mixture of raw potatoes, raw carrots and raw apples; in addition, she is sometimes given a small feed of rolled oats. Water is always available for her to drink.

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