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Ward, R.; Lydekker, R., 1912. Note on remarkable rhinoceros horn. Field, the country gentleman's magazine 119 (3082), 1912 January 20: 144, fig. 1

Location: World
Subject: Morphology - Horn
Species: All Rhino Species

Original text on this topic:
The specimen combines characters usually considered as respectively distinctive of simus and bicornis. In the form of the roughened base, which presents a sub-circular section, it approximates, for instance, to the bicornis type while above this it presents the flattened front surface characteristic of the white rhinoceros. On the other hand, as the summit is approached it once more reverts to the bicornis type, expanding laterally in the manner seen in certain front horns of the black species. In this curvature it also shows a distinct approximation to the front horn of the bicornis holmwoodi type, and the one in the Paris Museum which dr trouessart has represented in plate xxix of PZSL 1909 surmounting the snout of a female of the Lado race (simus cottoni) of the white species. Horns of the holmwoodi type, which Dr Trouessart assigned to simus cottoni, are, as I have previously shown in The Field, referable to the black species.

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