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Peters, J.P.; Thiersch, H., 1905. Painted tombs in the Necropolis of Marissa (Mareshah). London, Committee of the Palestine Exploration Fund, pp. i-xvii, 1-101, pls. 1-22

Location: Africa - Northern Africa - Egypt
Subject: Culture - Countries
Species: African Rhino Species

Original text on this topic:
Painted tombs in Necropolis of Marissa (Mareshah). The last section on the south wall of tomb I consists of two very large, exotic animals, of which the first is a bulky rhinoceros [plate X]. The hige head with the small, round eyes set much too low down, produces a comical rather than a terrible impression. There are two horns, a large one on the very tip of the snout, and a very small curved one directly above it. The body is curiously painted a red brown, but the folds on the hide of the thick-skinned beast are ingeniously brought up by scraping out narrow curved strips. Above its back, quite uninjured, stands the title PINOKEPWC.

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