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Largen, M.J.; Yalden, D.W., 1987. The decline of elephant and black rhinoceros in Ethiopia. Oryx 21 (2): 103-106, figs. 1-2, table 1

Location: Africa - Eastern Africa - Somalia
Subject: Distribution - Records
Species: Black Rhino

Original text on this topic:
The black rhinoceros - There seems to have been a population crash in the Ogaden of eastern Ethiopia at much the same time, Drake Brockman apparently being the last traveller to encounter the species in this area, although small numbers possibly survived here, as in northern Somalia, until the 1930s. The situation is no less bleak in Somalia, where Diceros bicornis was almost extinct 20 years ago; Funaioli and Simonetta (1966) estimated that fewer than 50 individuals then remained, mostly in the extreme south of the country.

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