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Ali, S.A.; Santapau, H., 1958. Birth of a Great Indian rhinoceros in captivity. Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society 55 (1): 157-158, 1 plate (2 figures)

Location: Asia - South East Asia - Malaysia - Peninsular
Subject: Distribution - Records
Species: Sumatran Rhino

Original text on this topic:
Thanks to the helpful co-operation of Mr. Loke Wan-Tho of Singapore, we reproduce two unique photographs of [the smaller Asiatic onehorned rhinoceros, Rhinoceros sondaicus]. According to The Straits Times of Singapore (March 22, 1957) where the photographs were first published, they were taken by one Mr. P.G. Bazin of the Lima Blas Oil Palm Estate at Slim River in Southern Perak. Ironically enough, the photographer had no idea of what he had in front of his camera! The young picture in the picture was identified by Mr. H.J. Kitchener, the Chief Game Warden of Malaya. In the account given by Mr. Bazin to The Straits Times, it seems that the animal was first seen by the estate labourers, wallowing in a swamp by a field. It did not appear to be frightened but got up from the wallow and slowly walked away regardless of the barking dogs and chivvying by Mr. Bazin's Alsatian. The animal is said to have been followed for two hours along a forest road in a jeep at a distance of 10 yards behind, before it turned off into the jungle and disappeared.
Doubt expressed about the identity of the rhinoceros in the pictures in an endnote to Ali & Santapau 1958, p. 555-556, as the prominent anterior nape fold formed by the joining of the shoulder folds on the neck is not visible in the pictures, hence could be Dicerorhinus sumatrensis. E.O.Shebbeare still supported R. sondaicus, but ?would be sorry to plump for either species as the original of the Lim Blas pictures.'

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