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Hall-Martin, A., 1984. Notes

In: Mundy, P.J. Rhinoceros in South and South West Africa. Proceedings of a Workshop held at Pilanesberg Game Reserve, Bophuthatswana, 15 and 16 February 1984. Johannesburg, Endangered Wildlife Trust: pp. 1-25

Location: Africa - Southern Africa - South Africa
Subject: Distribution - Records
Species: White Rhino

Original text on this topic:
By 1896 the white rhino was extinct in the Transvaal lowveld. The last sighting was near Skukuza in the year before. In the 1960's, 141 animals were introduced, followed by another 204 in the early 1970's. All animals were followed up for at least 24 hours - some eventually settled up to 70 km from their release point.
A `pool' of known-aged animals in the Pretoriuskop area has been watched by T. Mostert, and these observations have provided very useful data. For example, of 27 births the sex ratio was skewed to two males to one female. Over the years, the juveniles have comprised 5,5% - 13,9% of the population, with 8% in 1983 in the southern district of the Kruger National Park. Here, a local overpopulation may soon occur, and animals could then be removed to the northern regions.
By late 1983, the total population was estimated at 749. The animals now occupy a range of about 4500 The translocation has been a success to the extent that by the year 2000 we expect to be culling white rhino!

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