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Milton, O., 1962. Rubber, tin - and rhinos. Animal Kingdom 65 (2): 56-59, figs. 1-4

Location: Asia - South East Asia - Malaysia - Peninsular
Subject: Distribution - Records
Species: Asian Rhino Species

Original text on this topic:
In 1953 the Drainage and Irrigation Department (D.I.D) of Selangor State commenced work on the canal to supply water for a coastal agricultural project. During the following years the laborers saw rhinoceroses on numerous occasions. I have spoken with some of these persons and they say that there are four animals: one large, two medium-sized and one young. Each is said to have but one single horn. (The Sumatran Rhinoceros has two horns and usually the posterior one is very small and often hard to see. The sondaicus has only one horn). One night a rhino came into a camp and licked the salt from an old shirt that had been thrown away. In March 1957, and again in August 1960, a solitary rhino was seen and photographed on the Lima Blas oil palm estate about five miles from the canal. This animal was identified as sumatrensis.

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